Photo Gallery Rottweiler!


                         Pia 4 years old.                                       Kneikas Ariel - Norwegian Champion - 2 years and 9 days old.       


                 Donna     Ramina      Rocky                                     Kneikas Ariel 7 weeks old. 


  Rocky and Ariel has been tyre-pulling in the fields.                            The King of the woods ( Rocky )


Kneikas Captain Heartbreaker ( Uno ) 8 months old.                 Uno(8 months) has found "the ring" in field-search          


             Kneikas Charmer 18 months old                                       Kneikas Fatal Beauty 15 months old.


             Kneikas Franco Fort Knox 2 years old.               Franco has just been BOB, BIG 1 and Best in Show 3.


Kneikas Full O'Spirit became Champion 2 years old.      Kneikas Eddie 11 months old.


                Kneikas Grando 10 weeks old.                                                      Rocky 6 years old.

                 Kneikas Fatal Beauty 3 years old.