Photo Gallery Basenji and Horses


    In our woods with Spike and Timmian.                                    Timmian on the table and Spike in the window.


   Iris 4 months old.. Timmian and Spike looking out.                 Timmian's training for the Show-ring.   


                        Iris is stealing a cigarette.                                                          Spike and Iris


                       Spike and Iris - relaxing                                                         Iris and Timmian sleeping.


Mother and father to Litter-H ( Iris and Timmian )                              Litter H 10 days old.


 Iris after birth 2003. Litter H          Kneikas Heavenly Heaven ( Lulu ) 6 months old and Best in Show on the Norwegian Special 2004


Kneikas Hate To Loose 18 months, CAC, CACIB and BOS on  NKK Trondheim-2005

Kneikas Hate To Loose became Norwegian Champion 2 years old.

We won "Best breeding group" on NKK Fredrikstad 02.10-2005. First time we tried.


                         Stjerna and Betty                                                  Riverlands Firstborn " Thunder" 1 day old.


             Kobra and Riverlands Rose                                     Kobra and Keytowns Riverboy


             Betty and Riverlands Red Wind                                                  Betty and Riverlands Firstborn


   Betty and Riverlands Go Magic 7 months old.             Riverlands Go Magic 1 year old, with new owner.


            Riverlands Go Magic in his padock                                   Riverlands Go Magic


Keytowns Riverboy with his new owner, on a horse-show on Jarlsberg trotting-area-2004 -He was the winner.