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          Norwegian Basenji Klub            Norwegian Kennel Klubb  




                             Hellastar Kennel in Hellas (Greese)        Von Hause Milsped Rottweiler Kennel in Serbia


                                Kennel Herash in Italy.                            Kennel Von Hause Kigen in Serbia and Montenegro 


                           Kennel Arzadon in Denmark                         Kennel Chosen Angels in Sweden


                     Diamondrotts kennel in Sweden 


       Kennel Crni Lotus in Serbia and Montenegro           





                Kneikas Hate To Loose own homepage.                                     Breeder of Basenji in Norway                    


                                      Swedish breeder of Basenji                             Breeder of Basenji in Norway


                             Kennel Zahleka in Sweden                           Kennel Chagmas breeder of Basenji in Norway


                 Kennel Shaka-Savoy breeder of Basenji and Bull terrier ( Owner of Kneikas Liberty )


                                                                    OTHER PAGES



          Breeder of  Am. staff. in Sweden.                Kennel Skrynkeltrynet breeder of Boxer in Sweden   


                          White Sheppard                                                  Breeder of Leonberger in Sweden

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