Upcoming Litters



  In the beginnig of March 2013: Expecting puppies from this combination:


 Male: BH VPG1 Ilko Von Der Lauterbrücke "Ilko"




 Sire: VPG3 FH BH D CH Gino Von Der Berghalbinsel

 ( SCHH 3 AD BH Chuck Von Der Berghalbinsel  x  SCHH/VPG1 FH1 AD BH Wespe Vom Kümmelsee )

 Dam: SCHH/VPG1 BH Freya Von Der Lauterbrücke

 ( D VDH CH SCHH/VDH3 AD BH IPO3 Cujo Von Der Burg Weibertreu x SCHH/VPG3 BH Onda Von Der Teufelsbrücke )


             FemaleKneikas Ratcha



 Sire: INT.NORD.UCH IPO3 NORDV 04 NORDV 05 Arzadon Tayson

 (Slowenischer Jugendsieger CH Barni Od Dragicevica  x  DK S INT UCH KBHV 03 KBHV 04 IPO1 Arzadon Nancy)

 Dam: Kneikas Jessie

 (N UCH NV-06 NORDV-06 NVV-11 Bĉrskvett's Pimp Balou  x  N UCH IPO1 Kneikas Full O'spirit)


          Expecting puppies from this combination in the beginnig of March 2013.


If you want a puppy or just wonder about something, mail or phone me.


Norwegian phones:   Home (IP) +47 62110240 and  Mobile +47 93050804

Swedish phones: Home +46 57130940 and Mobile +46 706924676

I am reachable on every phone, but the Norwegian and Swedish mobile is easiest.


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